LabelLady is a sewing business with a very specific niche - the independent school market.

Having gone through the boarding school system here in Scotland myself, I know first hand how much work it is labelling all the uniform, keeping track of it all and the nightmare when my blazer went missing!

  • Nametape Sewing Services

    During the Summer months we provide name tape labelling and uniform concierge services to busy families who have chosen to send their children to UK schools. We work with families with children at day and boarding schools some locally and others further afield as Dubai/Singapore.

    Do you have a child starting school in Summer 2024 and want to save yourself time and money in the process.

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  • Bespoke School Gifts

    For the rest of the year we concentrate on the creative side of the business, creating bespoke leavers memory gifts for school leavers and teacher appreciation gifts. We work with schools, PTA's, individual families and classes of school leavers to create really thoughtful gifts that are a lasting reminder of a fantastic time in our children's lives.

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