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How do I order a customised cushion?

Have a look here for the full instructions.

How many items of clothing do I need for a commission?

A great question!

LabelLady cushions are made out of any old school uniform you may have kept from your child's time at school & personalised with her/his name & dates.

School ties & blazer are a must (if worn) - normally 2 ties for a larger cushion. If the blazer has a pocket with the school logo that is often a central feature of cushion projects on side 1.

The Summer dress, autographed leavers shirt or paint-splashed smock is also popular & gives the cushion a real time-capsule element!

Anything with a logo or personalised detail such as the CCF t-shirt/badges/ pipe band top/ any tops from school trips or plays, as well as a sports top/over trousers work well too.

I like to include a name tape too if you have them.

How much will my commission cost?

It's a great excuse to de-clutter the drawers as your family heads off on their next adventure in life & gives your child a lasting reminder of their time at a fabulous school.

The more fabrics you provide the most intricate the design but my cushions cost anything from £95 to £171!

Pads are from £10-£15

What types of fabric don't work?

Most types of fabric can be used even stretch items as they are reinforced with a stabiliser.

No white shirts or charcoal trousers are needed as I have plenty.

Swimming costumes & underlayers don’t sew well!

How much does courier / delivery cost?

It does vary depending on the size/weight of your project & if I'm returning any unused school uniform.

But I tend to budget £15.

When I'm passing I deliver some commissions - £8 in East Lothian where I'm based & £11 to Edinburgh.