multiple item orders

Groups, Teams, Years, Families...

If you are a school member of staff or a very organised parent you might want to get everyone together to order something for a number of children - maybe a rugby or hockey team or members of the choir for example.

This offering is specifically designed for 10 or more orders of the same item (but each one made bespoke for each child). It's a great way to celebrate a momentous occasion in your child's life.

how it works

Some housekeeping first.

Make sure you have at least ten people who are looking for a commemorative school cushion for their child.

We will need quite a lot of uniform so please ask all interested parties for donations particularly items with school logos on them. The school thrift shop or lost property might also be a good source.

That's it. It's so simple. Once you have at least ten people ready to go then get in touch with me using the contact button below.

I will send you the link to the form to fill in (or if you are already ready to fill in the form just click the "multiple-cushion order form" button below), invoices are sent out and the cushions are made in time for the end of term.


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