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I've always loved to sew & have what I describe as 'busy fingers' so when my sister in law suggested I combine my love of sewing with my sales skills I went for it!

The Independent School market is a tiny niche, currently only 6% of UK school children attend private school. I love being the person to make others lives easier and if I can do that with my business then I'm a happy lady.

I'm an organised mum who loves to sew.

Label Lady 2023

In 2017 I finally took the plunge & took redundancy after a career in hospitality sales & marketing spanning 20 years.

I found that my goals and aspirations took a massive shift when I reached 40 & the career obsession I'd felt in my 20's & 30's had changed. What I wanted was still to work hard but a job that fitted around my family and gave me the flexibility to be there for my growing crew.

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