Summer 2023 Roundup

Summer 2023 Roundup

Name tape sewing season 2023 is at an end!

Thank you to all my families who have supported me with name tape sews again this year. This Summer I had a child heading off to boarding school which added a whole new dimension to my to do lists. It reinforced to me how hectic ‘back to school’ is for families.  I thought I was organised but it was a treasure hunt getting all the correct items for boarding, new activities, and technology to navigate new school systems.

We now have 100 active families who call on us throughout the year for name tape sewing which feels like a wonderful achievement.  We’ve welcomed families from Los Angeles, Singapore and closer to home Surrey & West Sussex and simply courier all parcels back to families who aren’t nearby.

When I say ‘we’ I feel I should explain its not just me these days, I have three amazing ladies who help me with the name taping. Its lovely to share the journey with my peers and we have become a firm support network for each other.  I am already keen to add another two ladies to my list of sewing superhero’s which should ensure we can increase our active families to 150!

Label Lady is 8 and again I neglected to mention this on my social media!
I was 50 this year and didn’t feel the need to make a huge fuss of that either, my family gave me Olive a working cocker spaniel to help combat the sedentary lifestyle of sewing full time.  She really is the gift that keeps on giving and we all adore the chaos!

This Summer we attempted to sew name tapes and work on creative projects simultaneously which worked quite well and prevented a back log of demand in September.  Creativity is the perfect antidote to the organization side of the business.

After a weeks break, we now revert to creative projects, stock for Christmas fairs and existing bookings for commissions. 
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